Dental Hygiene & Maintenance

We pride ourselves on our ability to fix problems, but we’d rather help you prevent them.


We make our veneers in two simple visits. We custom-make veneers and cement them to the front side of your tooth.

Bridges & Dental Implants

We fabricate a crown or bridge to replace missing teeth leaving adjacent teeth untouched.

About The Dr.

Meet Dr. Phil McDonnell

Dentist and Owner
“90 percent of my success is because of the people who are here.” Dr. McDonnell

On top of his busy schedule as a dentist and business owner, Dr. Phil McDonnell also spent 12 years teaching young dentists at Loyola University’s residency program. As Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Surgery, Dr. McDonnell mentored many young dentists on the verge of their professional careers. His advice, sometimes heeded, sometimes ignored, was always the same. “These were young residents, in debt, and they cared about making money,” says Dr. McDonnell. “I told them to treat everybody like they’re your favorite relatives.” READ MORE

Why Choose Us?

Experienced, Professional Staff

Our office staff is friendly, professional, and efficient

Technological Advantages

It’s a state-of-the-art facility with a crack staff; put together it results in a friendly, efficient office.

Patient Focused

“We do it right the first time.” – Dr. Phillip McDonnell. The absolute best dental care—our philosophy is really that simple.

Convenient Downtown Location

25 East Washington Street
Suite 2041
Chicago, Illinois 60602
Ph: 312.236.9322
Fx: 312.236.7115

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